the perfect start to the perfect marriage

What’s a dream wedding without a dream honeymoon? With over 25-years experience, our agents can find, plan and execute your ideal honeymoon. Whether you’re looking to travel with a group, do a tour, or just relax in a tropical climate, each honeymoon should be as unique as the couple themselves.

Your honeymoon should be a relaxing, hassle free time. Using a travel agent alleviates all the stresses that come with travel — flights, transpiration, visa processes, hidden prices, weather (imagine spending your honeymoon during rainy season), deceptive online photos, customs, etc.

We can work with your wedding registry or simply develop your trip around your allocated budget.

Experts in the Caribbean, Africa, Central America, Fiji, South America, Europe, Asia, Hawaii – there’s no destination out of reach. Just give us your preferences and we’ll give you a trip of a lifetime.


  1. 1
    What are perks of using a travel agent?

    Room upgrades, exclusive amenities and credits, competitive pricing, recommendations from people who’ve been everywhere.

  2. 2
    How long do I need to plan for?

    Depends on where you’re going and how much you want to spend…we can work with you to help flush out the details.